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In the recent past, you realize that the law sector has rapidly expanding and many people are now studying curses related to law. There are many players that are involved in the law system of any country ranging from the top judges to the barristers. In this article, more concerns are on the barristers.

It is important to note that barristers are type of lawyers whose main function is in the courtroom where they specialize in the courtroom advocacy and litigation rather than those private law firms and offices. Solicitors are mostly lawyers who have access to the clients and they can be hired for legal services unlike the barristers who do not have that access and this makes them unique. You realize that barristers are those types of lawyers who may end up being appointed as judges since they understand more but what happens at the courtroom unlike solicitors who sometimes work in their own private law firms.

It is always expected that for you to become a barrister, you should have done a degree course in law and also spiced it up with the professional course which is mandated by the law body and this is a must for all the lawyers irrespective of the country you come from. There is always another one year for barristers where they undergo pupillage shadowing a senior barrister and at the same time doing some work in the court.

There are some unique cases that a barrister is enabled to cover which cannot be covered by other types of lawyers. There are various categories of law including the commercial law, common law and the personal injury law and therefore, a barrister can only specialize in one type of law unlike the solicitors. A good example is where if a barrister have specialized in a common law, he would only be mandated to settle cases related to personal injury and not criminal cases.

Barristers also have a given type of courts that they can attend. The supreme courts, high courts and courts of appeal are the common types of courts that barristers usually attend. Barristers are allowed to stand on behalf of their clients in the courtroom and plead the case on behalf of the client.

However, if you are considering having a barrister for your case, it is important to take into consideration some factors. The amount of experience a barrister has is a key issue that would determine the end result of your case. It is usually recommended that you choose a barrister that has been in a court of law for many years since the more he or she stays the more the experience.

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