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Tips for Choosing Vitamin C Serum

The number of individuals in need to repair free radical damage and brighten their skin is very high. It is beneficial for them to incorporate vitamin C serums into their skincare routine. But with so numerous products claiming they provide all the advantaged of vitamin C, how does one go about selecting the right one? Below are points to help you pick the best vitamin C serum.

Make sure you factor in the form of vitamin C. There are several forms of vitamin C including tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate sodium ascorbyl phosphate and L-ascorbic acid, among others. You should make sure you pick vitamin C serum whose formulation, penetration and bioavailability are great. Although many serums have L-ascorbic acid, some experts say that tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is better as it is more active.

Make sure you put concentration into account. Concentration refers to the strength of the acid serums contain and as far as concentration is concerned, vitamin C serums differ. In case your skin’s sensitivity is much, do not consider serums with a higher concentration than five percent as they may result in irritations. In case you want a heavier dose, you are going to see better results within a short duration the higher you go. However, some kind of a plateau is seen after 20% and you will notice results that are similar to those of twenty percent regardless of how higher the concentration is thus should not pay more.

You should check the formulation. Even though vitamin C offers a variety of advantages on its own, studies have shown that when combined with ingredients that are as powerful as it is, its efficacy increases. When it is combined with vitamin E and ferulic acid, vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant. On top of working as an antioxidant, vitamin E also enhances vitamin C function. Glutathione is another antioxidant you are supposed to pay attention to since it works cooperatively with vitamin C.

Ensure you check the price. A great formulation ascertains suitable bioavailability and stability; two imperative factors when manufacturing vitamin C serum. Serums with the right formulation tend to cost much. However, price is not everything and expensive does not always mean quality. Some of the most costly serums may not have much research supporting them or maybe of the inferior formulation. When purchasing vitamin C serum, it is good to ask a dermatologist for guidance so as to avoid saving a penny and expose your skin to damage.

Ensure you put the package into account. Serums packed in containers that expose them to light and clear containers are unstable and less usable hence should be avoided.
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